Udemy Blender Sculpting Rune Sword

Learn how to sculpt a beautiful AAA quality rune sword in Blender!

What you’ll learn

How to sculpt in Blender and use Blender’s sculpt mode
How to subdivide and sculpt any geometry in Blender
Modeling and creation of a rune sword, complete with fine sculpted details
Preparation of Low and High Poly meshes for a game asset
UV-Unwrapping and preparation for texturing


Students should take my first course, Blender Fundamentals – Modeling before they take this course.


Learn how to sculpt in Blender by creating a beautiful professional quality rune sword! We will model, sculpt, and UV-Unwrap the sword. This is part 1 of a 2 part series. Take the next course to texture this beauty in Substance Painter!

We will learn about Blender’s Sculpt Mode, and how to use the different sculpting brushes to get various effects.

We will learn how to subdivide by both Voxel Remeshing and Multiresolution Modifiers, and when it’s appropriate to use each method

We will model the low-poly geometry of the sword, and prepare it for sculpting

We will sculpt all the fine details of the high-poly sword mesh, including:

Dents and scrapes for the metal on the guard, disk, and blade,

Cuts, holes, and irregularities in the surface of the metal

Wear on the leather wrap around the handle, including rips, tears, cuts and holes

We will use the most important brushes including Grab, Smooth, Scrape, Draw, Draw Sharp, Pinch, Crease, and more!

We will perform the UV-Unwrapping process to make our sword capable of displaying textures

We will export the high and low poly meshes for texturing

This course will teach you all about sculpting in Blender, and how to get high-quality, professional results! This is a perfect portfolio piece!

I recommend that you know the basics of Blender. If you’ve taken my Blender Fundamentals – Modeling course, you’re covered!

Jump in and let’s make this beautiful, AAA quality rune sword together!
Who this course is for:

Those who wish to make their own game assets
Those who wish to learn sculpting in Blender
Those who wish to make weapons for their games
Those who wish to know the process of art creation for any game engine






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