Udemy Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 for Beginners Professional Training

Learn how to edit like a professional: editing techniques, sound, color, transitions, visual effects, social & more.

What you’ll learn

Set-up a video project from scratch using best workflow practices
Edit videos seamlessly together using powerful editing tools in Adobe Premiere Pro
Frame your shots perfectly in a cinematic or social media format
Add a soundtrack and time it to your video to add impact
Stabilize shaky footage to make it smooth and elegant
Add green screen video footage with a different video background
Create slow motion video footage to make your footage more emotive
Add and track blur through a scene as the blurred object moves
Reverse video footage to either enhance a scene or create a time reversal effect
Add photos and/or images to your video either as individual scenes or to overlay your footage
Colour correct your video footage to add realism to it
Add vignettes to your scenes to focus on particular characters
Colour grade your footage to create a look and set a tone for your video
Change the appearance of certain scenes from Day to Night using Lumetri Color
Adjust skin tones to make them look more natural if they have been over or undersaturated
Add, position and style text in your video to complement your narrative
Create a wide range of text effects including text zoom, text knockout effect, text behind effect, motion tracking and motion blur
Brand your videos with logos on transparent backgrounds to overlay video content
Add video transitions between clips to ensure smooth pacing
Add sound effects and sound mix them with your dialogue and soundtrack for impact
Construct your narrative by adding dialogue through a narrator’s voice
Fix and enhance your dialogue through modifying volume, clarity and reducing background noise
Make your videos more accessible by creating multi-platform subtitle files
Export your video for web and social media in a wide range of formats
Shortcuts to speed up your video workflow for content creation


No video editing experience required, we will start from the very beginning!
Latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 or 2023 installed
This course is recorded on a Mac, but the lessons widely apply to PC also



My name is Cathal McCarthy. I am a certified Adobe Premiere Pro Professional with over 15 years of experience in video editing.

My goal with this course is to help you go from being a Beginner to a confident Professional Video Editor.

This course is designed to train and support you in making a beautiful and impactful 60 second video commercial using Adobe Premiere Pro with the following sections:

Setting up Your First Project

Editing Videos Together

Adding a Soundtrack

Framing Your Footage

Visual Effects

Color Correction & Color Grading

Text & Titles

Video Transitions

Dialogue & Sound Effects

Exporting & Showcasing on Web & Social Media

Video editing gives you the power to weave amazing pieces of video content together into a story – this is what you will learn to do in this course.

Also, I will make recommendations to you around what equipment to use, what software I use, where to find high quality royalty-free video and audio content and much more.

I know that it can be daunting learning a new skill so I have made the tutorials as easy to follow as possible, while aiming for the highest standards in best practices so that I am setting you up for success.

I look forward to working with you through this course to create a spectacular video together.

See you in the tutorials!

Best wishes,

Cathal McCarthy.

Who this course is for:

Complete beginners who want to learn professional video editing
Intermediate video editors who want to learn best practice and go to the next level
Content creators who want to learn how to video edit themselves to bring it in-house
People who have a story to tell and they want to use video to tell it powerfully
Hobbyist video editors who know that they can create even more amazing videos with the right skills






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