Udemy Drawing Webtoons From Planning to Publishing

Make your colorful dream story real!

What you’ll learn

Plan your story chapters with storyboards
Create and organize you work files
Add speech bubbles and sound effects (SFX) to your panels
Use techniques to escalate your sketching speed
Line and color your panels in quick ways
Use 3D models, brushes and assets to create high quality backgrounds
Set the mood for your panels with color adjustments & interesting effects
Export and publish your webtoon
Organize your workflow
Promote & publish your webtoon on online platforms


A drawing tablet and familiarity with digital art
Clip Studio Paint
SketchUp (optional)


Ever wanted to create your own webtoon?

Have you always had a story within you, and wished you could see it in real as a comic, but shoved it aside thinking it’s too hard of a dream?

I’d like to tell you that it’s not! With the development of digital drawing technologies, drawing comics has never been easier! I want to show you how you can create and publish your webtoon, taking you to step by step from the planning process to finalizing and publishing your work while utilizing the latest techniques that escalate your work and enable you to produce a high-quality comic without even needing a team.

This is a class for writers with dreams

This class is for artists with dreams who have worlds and stories of their original characters and would like to take that first step into putting everything together in a colorful webtoon-style comic to tell their long-sought-after story.

Create your own webtoon chapter!

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, and whether you know how to draw backgrounds or not, you will learn how to make use of your drawing skills combined with assets and 3D models to create meaningful scenes for your characters.

By the end of this class, you will have learned how to plan your panels and speech bubbles, draw your characters within a space, deliver their emotions in expressive ways, and add lighting and effects reflecting the mood of your scene, such that you can produce a whole webtoon chapter of your own!
Who this course is for:

artists with dreams who have worlds and stories of their original characters and want to put everything together in a colorful webtoon-style comic






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