Udemy Houdini FX Creating An Avalanche Rig

Learn all the steps needed to setup a High resolution Avalanche VFX rig in Houdini and create a final comp.!

What you’ll learn

We will cover all the steps needed to create a high resolution Avalanche simulation down the side of a mountain.
We will review a trick to turn a still image into a moving sequence for use as our Background and discuss parallax and why it is important.
We will use grains and meshing to create the mass bulk of our setup and regular particles for additional FX elements.
We will use the sparse solving method to create parts of the Avalanche Simulation.
We will cover setting up render layers and using Redshift to render out our passes.
Mantra versions of the shaders will be supplied for students without access to Redshift.
We will create a final comp using Natron, or you can use Nuke if you like.


You should have some experience with Houdini before starting this course. This is not a course for total beginners.
A recent release of Houdini(18+) with Sparse solving tools. You can still use the old (dense) method if you wish
A powerful enough computer to run Houdini and a good internet connection for 1080HD streaming.
This course will be using Houdini 18.5.499 on a windows 10 based system throughout the videos.






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