Udemy Houdini FX How to add Visual Effects in Real Videos

Learn how to add and compositing special effects and simulations with live footage

What you’ll learn
How to add simulations and visual effects in real videos
Camera tracking
Simulations in Houdini: fire, smoke and water
Rendering in Mantra
Compositing in After Effects
No special requirements, only a basic knowledge of Houdini interface.
The goal of this course is to teach how to create simulations in Houdini for the compositing with real footage.
The workflow involves recording the video, then the match moving process in order to extract the virtual camera movement, the creation of the simulation in Houdini and the final compositing.This is an important technique behind video production with visual effects or virtual backgrounds.In this way you’ll learn how to create simulations specifically designed to be inserted in a real video.This is a course for beginners that only requires some basic knowledge of Houdini, such as interface navigation and basic nodes manipulation.If you are an absolute beginner, I suggest to first take a look at my previous course, “Houdini FX step to step – Visual Effects made easy”, that explains the basics of the software.However, each step is exposed in great details so that you can follow every exercise in an easy way from start to end.For each lesson, you also have access to the related resources that include the final project and also a starting project, with the basic setup of camera tracking and background, so that you can focus on building the simulations.






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