Skillshare Portrait Drawing a Beginner s Guide to Drawing Faces

Bring your character illustration to life with this beginner-friendly, step by step technique for drawing faces. You’ll learn shading, highlighting, painting your portraits and how to get proportions correct and place the features, even when the face is turned in different views. You’ll learn how to choose beautiful skin tones and colors.

You’ll learn in detail how to draw the:

and hair

The lessons will be demonstrated in the iPad app Procreate, but you can follow along with pencil and paper or any other digital drawing software (such as Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint).

Whether you want to draw from your imagination or capture someone’s likeness, the lessons in this class are here to help you paint beautiful portraits. We’ll be using a version of the Loomis Method and learning how to use the Asaro head.

Oh, and by the way, hi. I’m Brooke Glaser. I’m a professional illustrator and teacher. I’ve helped 200k+ students learn illustration and level up their art careers. This class is everything I wish I’d been told about drawing people, broken down into fun, clear lessons. I’ve included some fun resources and worksheets, as well as some tips to help you get better, faster.

If you’re a brand new to drawing faces, have no fear, this class meant for you. Whether you want to create realistic or stylized illustrations, the methods in this class are meant to be flexible and adapt to your own unique style. If you’re ready to level up your portraits, let’s get started!





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