PBR Game 3D Models Bundle 1 November 2022

MAX | FBX | OBJ | PBR textures


17th Century Building PBR
1977 Plymouth Volaire Sedan
2000 Jaguar XJ Sport (X308 XJ8)
3D Scan Man Summer 016
A 29 Super Tucano
A Hero’s Revolver
A public payphone
A stack of sawn logs Scan
A4 (V-2) Rocket
Abandoned house, Tell Surghul
Abstract Elephant sculpture anmial statue
Adidas Yeezy 500 High V2 army military boots
Adult male in office style is shaking hand PBR
After Vengeance PBR
Air Conditioner Condenser
Air Jordan Retro 4 SE RED PBR
AK-74 PP-19 Bizon Low Poly PBR Realistic
Alarm clock SANYO RM5430
Ambulance car
Amfora Vase PBR
APC and Scout Car PBR
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
Armor Cyber X91 By Oscar creativo PBR
Armored horse
Asami Overwatch
Assault Plasma Gun (Cammo Skin 2) PBR
At the Construction Site PBR
AT-M6 First Order Walker
Atari 2600 game console
Athiel Motorcycle PR
Athletic handsome man pitching the ball 201
Avalon Catalina Funship
Baikal Plasmagun PBR
Bas-Relief Сhurch
BBS RE MTSP wheel with a Michelin TP Slick Tyre
Bch0005-HD2-O01P01-S PB
Beach Bikini Woman Barbara Sitting Tanning PBR
Beautiful woman in a leather skirt sitting 224
Beautiful woman in leopard bikini walking 230
Beautiful young woman in bodysuit walking 372
Berserk Guts Helmet
Berserker PBR
Bike Girl
Bike WIP
Bionic Girl Monica PBR
Black Bag PBR
BlackPowderRedEarth Carbine
Boat Rettungskutter Compilation PBR
Boot Gothic Buckles Leather Footwear Women
Brake Assembly
Bran castle Dracula castle
Brandon Posed
Bread PBR
Brick stairs over stone wall scan
Brown soil pile with stones
Bulldog (metro exodus fanart)
Business Woman Listening
Business Woman Standing
Candy chest small
Canyon Under the Snow PBR
Cargo Iron Barrels 200L Colors PBR
Carhartt Mens Suede Work Glove with Knit Cuff PBR
Cartoon Low Poly Slope Resort
Caryatid (woman)
Castle Ruins
Casual guy standing
Casual Sitting Man Vince Texting Phone
Champion Class Cruiser
Character IDLE PBR
Charging Station
Charming blonde woman in black down jacket 166
City Backstreet Alley
Closed blue japanese pub photogrammetry scan
Closed store photogrammetry
Closed stores brick corner
Column Base PBR
Columns Collection PBR
Computer system block case retro old damaged
Concrete Road Barrier 6 PBR
Conqueror helmet
Conquistador Helmet PBR
Control panel PBR
Convento de las duenas
Converse All Star Hi Chuck Taylor PBR
Cosmonaut Helmet PBR
Couple kissing each other
Cybernetic Runner PBR
Cyberpunk 2077 Sub-Machine Gun
Cyberpunk Car PBR
Cyberpunk Electric Van
Cyberpunk headset
Cyberpunk Micro-Apartments
CyberPunk Motorcycle PBR
Cyberpunk Street Scene And Pack
Cyborg Zodiac Theme Scorpio
Dad Holding Baby
DALIS Black Zipper Tip Boot Low-poly PBR
Deinotherium Giganteum
Demolished house ruin
Dewalt Drill PBR
Discobolus Sculpture PBR
Dornier Do-217 E5 + Hs-293 missiles PBR
Duck Ship PBR
Ehang 184 low poly
Electric locomotive PBR
Electricity Meter PBR
Elena 1083
Elephant Bronze Sculpture
EOTech EXPS3 With Magnifier 3x
Escaneado parcial torre catedral de Leon
Essenstger PBR
Evil Fridge
F9 Cannon Battery
Facial & Body Animated Business
Fallout 3 Intro Bus
Fallout 4 Miami Fire Engine Truck Attachment PBR
Fallout Coupe Redone PBR
Female Basemesh (Censored) PBR
Female Bust PBR
Female doctor demonstrating smth 263 PBR
Female Pink Leather Crop Jacket
Female Scan 08 PBR
Female Scan
Flying ship PBR
Fork lift and tipper
French shaker PBR
Frozen Mountains (World Machine)
Full Sail University Bomber Jacket PBR
Future Clothing Pink Girl
Futuristic Cyberpunk Motorcycle PBR
Futuristic Cyberpunk Sci-fi Glasses
Futuristic Yacht 01
Game-Ready Beech Tree
Garden Table Chairs PBR
Gas mask M65
GAZ 52 rusty damaged truck PBR
Gaztelugatxe Dragonstone islet
Gedenktafel Turkenkrieg
Generator Trailer
Generic Delivery Van PB
Girl in a Oversized Pink Hoodie
Girl in Knit Grey Dress and Red Scarf Scan
Girl in school uniform in A-pose 295
Girl takes off her hoodie PBR
Girl1 16k Reprojected
Golden Boy
Golf Trolley & Clubs PBR
Great War ASC British Service man
Greek Vase
Green Peas building
Ground 01
Ground 03
Gun 4 Rocket rocket launcher
Hand Drill
Handle PBR
Handsome young man in a t-shirt and jeans 167
Handsome young man in suit 220
Harley Quinn Cosplay
Haystack Scan processed
Heavy Cyberpunk Van PBR
Heavy Lift Carriers barge FELS CAN DO II
Helicopter CH-149
Hercules Farnese
Hero mountain
Hero Super Splendor PBR
Hippies Eco paradise
Hitachi CKP-110 PBR
HMS Bounty Low-poly PBR
Horse – Spanish Mustang Brown
Huge Smooth Cliff Wall Scanned Drone
Humpback Whale
Hydrangea in Glass Vase
Icelandic Geothermal Landscape
Industrial device
Industrial Hover Truck PBR
International Durastar flatbed truck
iPhone 14 Pro Max
iPhone X
Irregular tree stump
Isometric office PBR
Jaguar F-Type R Coupe 2021
Japanese building soon to be demolish scan
Japanese curry shop scan
Japanese Female Scan
Jeans Leather Jacket Female Outfit
Jebel Buhais Aerial Survey
Jordan 1 Retro High OG Chicago
Jurassic Park SUV
Knight Malien Headwear
Knight PBR
Kokuyseki PBR
Korea National Treasure PBR
Korean Ornamental Dragon
Lady walking animated with accessories V2
Large Ancient Columns Set
Laser Rifle RCW Fallout New Vegas Fan-art PBR
Latern PBR
Leonardo Eagle 44 CIAN PBR
Lion Drinking Fountain
Lloyds Food Truck
Lockdown Heavy Duty Door PBR
Low Poly Cyberpunk Helmet PBR
LS06 Carpinus Betulus (European Hornbeam)
Lucys Cafe
Luke Lightsaber
M4 Custom Low-poly
M4 Sherman MK VC Firefly – Beldevere
M4A2 Sherman Tank with equipment
Malaysian restaurant at Ikebukuro photogrammetry
Male doctor in purple uniform with folder 302
Male torso anatomy
Male young medical doctor in A-pose
Malik Forte
Man in a white t-shirt and cap 0216
Man in black suit walking with folder 301 PR
Man in suit talking on the phone 159
Man standing
Man with hat 1213
Manequin clothing
Margiella Sneaker
Mars Rover
Matthew McConaughey Bust PBR
Mecha-white Fatalis PBR
Medieval stone wall
Medieval Viking Rock Decoration
Metal fence with wire PBR
Metallic soviet Stella monument
MIG-31 Foxhound Jet Fighter Aircraft PBR
Military Barricade PBR
Military Speaker-Freepoly PBR
Military uniform of General Jozef Giza
Military Walker
Ming-Mei Rigged Woman Character
Minotaur Retopo
Modular Asian Wall Low-poly
Modular Fencing PBR
Mossy Stone Wall 04 Kokapu Hungary
Motion tracker from Alien
Motocycle Supra Fit PBR
Mountain Bike MTB
Moving box van
Naked Girl After Bath
Naked girl Standing
Napoleon Bust
Nerf MEGA Motostryke
Night Vision Goggles
Nissan Leaf Police Car PBR
Nuclear Bomb
Office and Truck Garage PBR
Offroad Tire Game Ready PBR
Oil Gaz Water Tank PBR
Old Carboy 02 RAW Scan
Old handmade air compressor tool PBR
Old Power House PBR
Old Stove
Old Television Sets
Old water tank
Old Wrench PBR
Orange building with stairs
Oscar Academy Award
Padding cloth, game ready
PAK FA Su-57 (T-50) PBR
Paraffin Blowtorch
Park benc
Parliament PBR
Peryite shrine
Philips 374 Radio-Recorder PBR
Physgun ZPEFM Supercharged Gravity Gun PBR
Pilot Helmet Gentex HGU 56P 1
Pilot Helmet Gentex HGU 56P 2
Pilot Helmet Gentex HGU 56P 3
Pilot Helmet Gentex HGU 56P 4
Pilot Helmet Gentex HGU 56P 5
Pilot Helmet Gentex HGU 56P
Plasma Pistol
Plasma Revolver PBR
Pohutukawa tree at Red Beach
Portrait of a priest of Isis
Post apocalypse battle car suv PBR
Post-apocalypse sedan car m407 debrish iv7 PBR
Post-Apocalyptic Weapon PBR
Postapocalypse truck level 1 PBR
Powersuit Mecha
Pretty woman in short shorts in A-pose 344
Pretty woman using phone 354
Prototype Ifv
Race Track
Railway Covered Goods Wagon Vr.4 Medic-Orange PBR
Raspberry tartelette
ReeBok Classic white Leather PBR
Refining the Preparatory Drawing with Stephen Bauman PBR
Reiterstatue Marc Aurel
Renovia Istanbul
Rim WheelForce 20 Lowpoly PBR
River station building PBR
Rocio 10574 PBR
Rock art shelter in Carrancas
Rock Stone 13
Roman Italic D Mainz Helmet
Rose, Revolutionary Leader Sculpt PBR
Ruined Bus
Ruins asset pack + example
Russian Military Pack
Rust AK Remastered
Rust SAR Remastered
Rusted liquid tank PBR
Rusty Modular Pipes
SAM4S SAP-630 Service Terminal
Samsung Gear VR PBR
Santas Bad Girl Coming To You PBR
Santas Bad Girl PBR
Sci Fi Sexy Girl Low-poly
Sci-fi Carrier with 3 Turret Types PBR
Sci-fi Gun
Sci-fi Rocket Launcher Skin Edition PBR
Sci-Fi Station Terminal Low-poly PBR
Scifi Frigate Sunfire PBR
Scifi Girl PBR
Sea Cave
Security Cyborg PBR
Sexy police officer woman
Shahed-136 Kamikaze Drone Geranium
Shark 1
SHI-A5G100 Armastella Lumiere
Shields Hoplon PBR
Ships Propeller system
Shrek fit
SideWalk Edge Tiles
Sitting Man Victory In A Leather Jacket And Torn Jeans Punk Rock PBR
Skycrane PBR
Small Box Truck
Small Tied Burlap Pouch
Smiling young woman running 371
Snacks bag test
Sneaker Nike
Speaker Marshall
Speedboat 2 PBR
Sphinx Egypt PBR
Sport woman with accessories
Stair house entrance photogrammetry scan
Stalker Anomaly Detector Bear PBR
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter (Obi Wan Kenobi) PBR
Star Wars
Starfall Tactics — Science station PBR
Statue of Aphrodite
Steampunk Cyborg Skull
Steampunk girl_2 PBR
Steampunk goggles PBR
Strange Turning Machine PBR
Stylized Tiger Head
Survival Props Package
Tactical Backpack PVR
Tatjana Glitter Avatar
Temple Environment PBR
Terminal 2 PBR
Thaalian Empire Cruiser PBR
The BigBen huge post-apocalypse monster truck PBR
The nuclear submarine project 945 Barracuda
The Secretary
The Shark Egg
Tomba Bella Galiana PBR
Toshiba CRT TV
Toy gun PBR
Transition TR-500 PBR
Trascoro de la Catedral de Leon (low poly)
Truck Textured 3
Truckable Push Boats PBR
Tugboat ASD 2810 red PBR
Typical Parisian Apartment Building
Tyrannosaurus Rex
UnderRated Hoodie
Uro vamtac Policia Nacional
USB C cable double sided black PBR
Vase on a pedestal PBR
Vending Machine (SCP 087)
Victory-Class Star Destroyer PBR
Village house PBR
Vintage Helmet
Vintage tube soviet crt tv box PBR
VR Square Gallery 4k
Walking Middle Eastern Woman PBR
War Robot
Wasteland Helmet
Weird Spiderman themed restaurant
White Brick Power House
White vintage refrigerator old rusted fridge PBR
Windows Laptop
Woman in a Shawl
Woman on couch with cupids greek statue photogrammetry 3d scan
Woman Torso Sculpture in Stone
Worn Leather Jacket PBR
Woven Backpack Basket PBR
Wraith Complete
Yacht Cruise 208
Yellow cover japanese bar
Young african-american man with phone PBR
Young Girl in a Swimsuit
Young man talking on the phone 31
Young pretty woman in black style PBR
Young woman in black hoodie in A-pose
Zero Suit Samus and Baby Metroid





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