Cgtrader Raven the Teenage Witch 3D print model


Raven just wants to read her book in peace, but she’ll gladly get dressed up for a little halloween so long as beast boy joins her. Joining her as her familiar for a little down time, these two are ready to be on display for your shelf today!

This model has a NSFW version. Comes in presupported and unsupported for scaling needs.

Comes in 1:10 scale and 75mm with fit guide included.

============================================ Model(s) are fanart and created freehand in 3d modeling software, no copyrighted product had been scanned or copied in any way. These models are for personal use as proxies and should never be sold.

My Print Settings: Elegoo Mars 2 Pro Elegoo Water Washable Ceramic Grey 0.04 layer height 80 lift speed 220 lowering speed 2.3s exposure time 25s burn in exposure 5 burn in layers Raft included





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