Udemy Modelling and Animating a Car in Blender

Learn Race Car Animation with Blender Use Blender to create your own amazing car animations

What you’ll learn
The most Fundamental concepts of 3D art and Blender.
UV Unwrapping & Texturing
How to create HDRI for lighting our scene using EasyHDRI
Create Material
Project File is included


I am Morteza from ArtStudio!

Do you ever had or have a story to tell? An idea to bring to life? Then join me for this curse for animation.

In this course, I will go through the process of creating an animated scene in Blender from scratch.

From the first polygon to the final render. in this curse we will using Blender 2.93. You’ll learn all the steps involved in bringing your own 3D animations to life.

We’ll start with the Blender user interface and navigation tools, providing you with a solid foundation before moving forward.

we are going to start modeling a car from scratch. Here we will work together all necessary

techniques for modeling a low poly car. During the curse you will learn some of the modifiers and then we prepare for the next step which is texturing. There we discuss how to apply a texture. we unwrap textures in an easy way and we will going to add explain other material as well.

then we create a landscape and some trees using some of the modifiers .

after that we create the race road and we bring in the race cars for animate it.

To create an attractive animation, we get acquainted with the Graph editor section.

after that we will spend a bit of time to working on origin which is very important part for

for all kind of animating things or modeling objects. special wen we are working with modifiers

fore example: array and curve modifiers

that most of people mess a long time to achieve the desired result.

We tell you in very easy way how to sett your origin to get best and fastest result when your are using modifiers

then we are going to create a big spotlight and we make a flag and animate that as well.

later on we learn how to add light=lamp for the cars and last we playing around with camera using some constraint to track the movement of the cars.

we are explaining HDRI and how to setup them to get a nice lighting.

and finally we talk about render setting and compositing.

Who this course is for
Artists and game developers who want to learn Blender
Anyone who wants to learn computer graphics and 3D artwork – no experience needed!

Absolutely no experience with 3D or Blender is necessary.






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