Udemy Learn Modelling and Animating in Blender

What you’ll learn

Use Blender and understand it’s interface
3D Modeling
Learn UV map and Unwrapping
Texture Painting in Blender
Learn all the necessary Blender tools to create 3D, and put it all into practice with step by step projects like modeling, shading, and rendering


Mac or PC capable of Running Blender Version 2.8 or above
You will learn all of the tools that will be needed for this course.
I used graphic Tablet for texture painting but it will work with mouse as well but I recommend using a graphic tablet.


I am Morteza from ArtStudio.

Creating popup animation is one of the most popular animation style in the world. Its been used for many big industry animation such as Walt Disney and Pixar animations. Graphic Designer use this method for bringing their idea to life and they make a lot of money out of it. If you are one of those who are interested to learning Popup animation inside a free 3D Software, the welcome.

In this course we start learning in Blender interface and tools for creating 3D model. We are going to create tree main model. Hex-Gun, Monitor and Mobile phone.

During creating these three model you learn as well all the necessary tools for creation in blender. You will get to know about meshes, curves, modifiers, parenting and a lot more. How to add material, UV Unwrapping, lighting creating HDRI and a lot more.

Later we do some simple animation and step by step will be a bit complex. You will learn adding key frames and how to use graph editor in blender for creating a greater animation.

Finally we add camera to the scene and we play around with its setting. We learn how to add multiple camera for taking a render animation.

I hope you enjoy this course and see in there!
Who this course is for:

Game Developers who wish to expand their Skill Set.
People who are curious about the world of 3D modeling and animation.
Blender user that will start learning Hand Painting as a beginner






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