Udemy Blender Ultimate Game Art Creation Guide

Create PBR Game Ready Assets for your portfolio and game engines with only Blender

What you’ll learn

Modeling Game Ready Meshes for Game Art
UV Mapping and Baking Texture Maps for Game Engines ( Unity, Unreal Godot )
Game Ready PBR Texturing in Blender
Lighting and Presentation in Blender for your portfolio
Presenting your work in Sketchfab


Beginner knowledge in blender will help



Want to create game ready art for your portfolio and game engine with only blender? This course goes over the process of creating PBR game ready assets to showcase in blender or to export to your favorite game engine of choice such as Unreal, Unity, Godot & Sketchfab. I made this course as an answer for aspiring creators to start strong in their creative careers without having to pay for huge software subscription and just focusing on using the free and open source 3D software Blender!


Beginners – Create our Game Ready First Aid Kit

Advanced – Creating our game ready Sci-fi Grenade

An Overview of important tools and workflows in making these Assets

Project Files of Section 1 & 2 included in the first video of each section

What you will learn :

Modeling tools and techniques for game models

Game asset optimizations and UV Unwrapping

PBR Materials and Texturing

Baking Important PBR Maps for Game Engines

Lighting and Presentation in Blender

Exporting your assets to Unity, Unreal and Godot

Presenting models in Sketchfab

Finishing 2 projects from scratch!

Who is Course for?

Beginner users who want to create unique game props from scratch!

More intermediate users who are struggling with the game art workflow in Blender

Who this course is for:

For Aspiring 3D artists and Game Developers






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