Domestika Creation of Characters From 2D to 3D

Creation of Characters: From 2D to 3D
A course by Matias Zadicoff , Character Designer and Animator

Learn techniques to model, texture, render, and print a 3D character with Substance Painter, V-Ray, and ZBrush

Matías Zadicoff has been dedicating himself to design, modeling, and 3D character animation for over two decades. His keen observation of each character’s traits—facial features, body language, gait—have led him to collaborate with clients like Marvel and Disney, and his work can also be seen in commercials, video games, and VR apps.

In this course, learn all the techniques to turn an illustration into a 3D character. No matter your personal style, Matías guides you through the steps to design a character, from the first sketches to the rendering and 3D printing with Substance Painter, V-Ray or KeyShot, and ZBrush.





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