Blender Market N Panel Manager v1 2

Blender Market – N Panel Manager v1.2

Blender Market – N Panel Manager v1.2
Blender Version: 3.0, 3.1, 3.2

Why the N Panel Manager:

How long does it take you to set up Blender when there is a new version or when the startup file is corrupt? For example, I have in total 151 addons (including some build in ones) that I want to enable in Blender, And setting up Blender as I want to have it usually takes more than four days.

Why does it take that long? The N Panel (sidebar) gets unreadable when you enable 20+ add-ons. We know that there is a solution, and that is to use Workspaces. But this workflow, without the NPanel Manager, has all kinds of quirks:

It’s hard to find an add-on in the Workspace Filter. First, you have to read a lot of text.
Only the enabled add-ons are listed in the Workspace Filter.
You cannot filter, sort, and use an advanced search.
Sometimes you don’t have any idea what the add-on is about.
Often you forget where to find the add-on, and you need to look it up in the preferences.

(There is another solution that works with renaming the tabs. But the N Panel Manager works very differently, as we see later.)

The Benefits of N Panel Manager

It saves you precious time settings up Blender with all the add-ons.
The N Panel Manager creates a workable environment every time you use Blender.
Use the add-ons again you invested in. You probably don’t use many of them because the add-ons are not organized in Blender.
Export setups as presets. For example, you can have a light version and another preset where most add-ons are enabled. Import them back in.

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