Udemy DaVinci Resolve 18 Video Editing Beginner to Advanced

Learn Complete Davinci Resolve 18 Video Editing, Color Correction, Color Grading, Compositing & Audio Improvement

What you’ll learn

How to Edit Video in Davinci Resolve 18
Davinci Resolve 18 Fundamentals
Davinci Resolve 18 All Pages Workflow
Adding Video and Audio Effects in Davinci Resolve 18
Export High Quality Video in Davinci Resolve 18
Camera 3d & Keyframes Animation
Advanced Video Editing Techniques in Davinci Resolve 18
How to use Node System of Fusion Page
How to Composite Videos
How to Color Correct & Color Grade Videos using DaVinci Resolve 18


Have a Computer With Internet Connection


Greetings, everyone

My name is Faizan, and I’m an experienced video editor. Video editing has been my profession since 2012. I have edited countless videos, both for myself and for others, over the years. As a teacher, it is my goal to help others learn video editing and graphic design.

If You Want To Learn Video Editing, Color Correction, Color Grading, Composition, And More This Course Are For You. In This Course, You Will Learn The Complete Davinci Resolve Software And Its Node System.

I Design This Course For Self Thought Students. If You Scare Of Node System In Davinci Resolve 18 Than Don’t Worry You Will Learn Node System By Watching This Course And By Performing tasks.

I Am Using Davinci Resolve 18 Updated Version In This Course But If You Have A Old Version Than Don’t Worry This Version Has Some Miner Changes. If You Have Any Version You Still Can Take Benefit From This Course.

In this course you will learn:

How to Download Software

How to Install Software

First Time Open Davinci Resolve 18

How to Create Project

How to Find Project Location

Basic Fundamentals of DaVinci Resolve 18

Software Overview

Media Page

Cute Page

Edit Page

Edit Page Explanation

Edit Videos In Edit Page.

Applying Effects In Edit Page

Transition, Open FX, Toolbar FX, Add Titles and etc.



Fusion Node System Explanation

Composite In Fusion

Add Effects

Add Templates

Add Complex Node Effects.

3D Text & 3D Light Nodes

Keyframe Animation

Remove Background Noise


Fairlight Overview.

Improve Audio In Fairlight

Add Audio Effects In Fairlight


Color Page Introduction

Nodes Explanation

Wheels , Bars and Logs


Color Warper


Mask Window

Key Selection Window



Preview Window Mode

Node Mixers

Grab & Export Still

Save Custom Luts

Surface Tracker

Match Move Tracking


Deliver Page Introduction

Export Audio Only

Export Multiple Timelines & Projects

Export Graphics OR Video Without Background


Create Stunning Audio Waveform Visualizer

How to Use Camera 3D

How to Edit Picture in Color Page

Masking Transition

Custom Tool & Expression


Modifier and More

Who this course is for:

Beginners to Video Editing IN Davinci Resolve 18
Video Compositing
Beginner in color correction and color grading
Audio Editing in Davinci Resolve 18






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