Domestika Futuristic 3D Environments with Photoshop and Blender by Biel Vazquez

Transform ordinary photos into mesmerizing sci-fi worlds by learning to use color, tone, and light with photography techniques for 3D composition

Digital art gives you the opportunity to build entire worlds from your imagination. Through matte-painting in particular, you can blend different pictures using cutting and brushing techniques to create something totally new and unique. 3D and Photoshop artist Biel Vazquez specializes in creating moody pictures in a futuristic style using a variety of digital tools and techniques.

In this online course, he teaches you how to design fantastical sci-fi worlds using Blender and Photoshop. Learn to combine lighting, color, composition, and more to create sci-fi images that feel like movie scenes. Are you ready to create cinematic magic?





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