Domestika Drawing 101 Introduction to Digital Illustration by Jean Fraisse

Explore the foundations of illustration by learning the techniques to draw from observation and from your own imagination

Drawing is a skill anyone can pick up. Apart from understanding the theoretical aspect, it is all a matter of practice. Illustrator Jean Fraisse, a firm believer that talent can be learned, is here to teach you the principles of drawing in digital illustration.

Discover the narrative power of drawing by creating illustrations from observation and imagination. Explore lines, angles, and shapes to create striking drawings in your own style.

This is Jean Fraisse’s fifth course at Domestika. If you are interested in learning about color theory in digital illustration, see Color Theory: How to Apply It to Your Images. If you’d like to learn how to design characters for animation, take a look at Introduction to Design of Characters for Animation and Video Games. You can find all his courses here.





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