Domestika Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling A course by Victoria Passariello Fontiveros

Learn the techniques and tools to make robots using polygonal design programs like Maya and 3ds Max.

Creating robots and science fiction characters with stories that go beyond the present is what Victoria Passariello — 3D video game and visual effects artist — loves. Specializing in modeling hard surface , a method with which he works rigid surfaces achieving the smoothness, details and textures of the material, he has created characters and models of mechanical appearance for games like BattleTech or The Mandate, trailers like Outriders and Destiny Warmind, and Netflix series.

In this introductory course on modeling hard surface learn the techniques and tools that Victoria uses to model a simple robot with Autodesk 3ds Max – software that the teacher will use – or another polygonal design program of your choice. You will learn how to render different images with KeyShot and make a good postproduction in Adobe Photoshop





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