Udemy UnrealEngine5 C One Course Solution For Extending Editor

Udemy – UnrealEngine5 C++ One Course Solution For Extending Editor

Create custom editor functionalities in Unreal Engine 5 through different editor modules and slate widgets using C++

What you’ll learn
Extend the existing editor menus through different modules
Explore the existing editor scripting libraries like EditorAssetLibrary and EditorUtilityLibrary
Write slate code to build slate widgets for custom editor functionalities
Create a custom editor tab for displaying slate widgets
Create materials and connect pins through code
Create custom editor hot keys to trigger custom functions
Extend Content Browser Menu
Extend Actor Selection Menu
Extend World Outliner
Add custom icons as UI elements

Have experience with C++ in Unreal or at least taken one Unreal C++ course before

Learn everything that you need to know for extending Unreal’s editor and create custom menu entries, slate widgets, extend world outliner, register custom icons and much much more for boosting your effiency that your project and your team needs.

In the first part of the course, we’ll focus on the actions to assets and we’ll begin with exploring the existing scripting libraries like UEditorAssetLibrary and UEditirUtilityLibrary in Unreal to help us achieve some basic quick asset actions.

Then we’ll look at how to add in our custom menu entries to help us search and delete unused assets and delete empty folders when we right mouse button click a folder. With the ability like this, we’ll then dive into slate and create different slate widgets in a custom editor tab that we registered. We’ll also cover how to use EditorUtilityWidgets and create our own algorithms to help us quickly create materials from code.

In the second part of the course, we’re gonna use the combination of EditorUtilityWidgets and EditorActorSubsystem to help us achieve actor batch selection, actor batch duplication, and randomize actor transform. Then we’ll use the skills and knowledge we learned to create actor selection lock through extending level editor actor menu, custom editor hot keys and extending world outliner.

After this course, you will be able to create any custom editor tools that you or your team needs for better effiency when working inside of Unreal.

Who this course is for
Learners who want to learn how to extend Unreal’s editor
Learners who want to learn how to write slate code and create slate widgets in Unreal
Learners who want to have a deeper understanding of Unreal Engine
Learners who want to know how to create custom menu entries and register custom editor icons

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