ArtStation Environment Concept Art Course In Blender And Photoshop For Beginners

Hello guys, Welcome to this concept art mastering course .we’re going to learn how to create this image from beginning to end. I will show you all the steps in this course, I will show you how to model and paint step by step together. In the course files that you downloaded, you can access to blender files which include the models, these models are like kitbash and help us to build our castle and city, and you can create different models of castles and cities with your own design, and there is no limitation. And in this tutorial, in addition, to teaching modeling some parts of the work models, we also learn how to put them together and create an attractive structure. But as I said, you can use the models inside the package and your own creativity to do a completely different design and create different things. These models are also optimized to make training for those who do not have a very strong system. Now, if you think this is very difficult for you, I should say that at the beginning of the work no one can work as a master and you have to practice constantly. Here you can see some of my old works, you see how the level of my work is low and how childish they are. Therefore, if your early works did not have the desired quality, do not be upset at all and consider it as an incentive to try harder. One of the things that I always say to my students is that no one has been born a great and powerful artist, and they’ve only been able to reach their position with practice and spending time on it. You should not be afraid of failing at all. In my opinion, success and progress through failure are much faster than progress through success because you are constantly trying and failing and you can easily learn many things in a short time. And these are some of the works that I did recently. the only reason for this progress is practice and not to be disappointed in my career. Another thing that differentiates between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people will never be disappointed. while a large number of people quit their jobs due to failure in their work and become too frustrated, there are people who continue their efforts and become great artists that today we know them as our role models. So try to have a clear goal in the early stages of your work and try to get that goal and never give up. I hope that I could help you to get ready for more practice and work, So do not give up, if you didn’t understand a part of the course, watch it again to fully understand what happened in the work and be among those people who will never give up. so let’s go to watch and learn.




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