Solid Angle Houdini to Arnold 6 1 3 2 Win Mac Linux

The Arnoldrenderer product team is pleased to announce the availability of Arnold (or HtoA) for Houdini. This is a bug fix release using Arnold – Release Date: 31.08.2022

Bug Fixes
– HTOA-2032 – Fix import of shaders with matrix parameters
– HTOA-2035 – Update standard_volume folders
– ARNOLD-10677 – smart opaque did not work on ginstances when source mesh is hidden
– ARNOLD-12486 – Rocky 8 linux crash in kick on startup
– ARNOLD-12487 – Crash when application exits
– ARNOLD-12508 – Camera visible cylinder lights sometimes disappear when animate
– ARNOLD-12544 – “Free Render” not initializing geometries in non-default universes
– usd#1220 Fail to override output filename when AOVs are duplicated
– usd#1234 Fix udim with relative paths
– usd#1247 Check if texture path is empty before trying to resolve it
– usd#1238 Crash in the procedural with varying instance count
– usd#1241 UsdUvTexture should always have ignore_missing_textures enabled
– usd#1245 Read material bindings in the full purpose
– usd#1252 Connect the UsdPreviewSurface opacity into arnold transmission
– usd#1253 Add GeometryLight in CreateFallbackSprim
– usd#1240 Don’t remap vertex primvars for pinned curves
– usd#1269 Fix visibility of instanceable prims under a point instancer hierarchy
– usd#1272 Avoid prefixing the primvars before getting their value for converting them to builtin parameter

Arnold is an advanced cross-platform rendering library, or API, used by a number of prominent organizations in film, television, and animation, including Sony Pictures Imageworks. It was developed as a photo-realistic, physically-based ray tracing alternative to traditional scanline based rendering software for CG animation.

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