Udemy Master Graphic Design Software With Practical Projects

Udemy – Master Graphic Design & Software With Practical Projects

Conquer Popular Graphic Design Projects: Logo, Package, Magazine, Book Cover Design, Branding, Digital Graphics & More!

What you’ll learn
Become more confident using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign
You will be able to create Book Covers, Package Designs, Digital Assets, Social Media Graphics, Album Art, Magazine Covers and Layout Spreads and more!
You will be able to follow the entire branding process including logo design and client presentation
You will know how to work with and export large format banners and posters
You will know how to create a postcard (both front and back)
You will understand basic design theory including working with color, layout, typography photos and more
Learn new tools that speed up your workflow
You will be able to create a 3d mockup in Adobe dimensions to create stunning package design presentations
Work with large client projects juggling both print and digital projects
Learn layering masks, non-destructive editing and photo editing in Adobe Photoshop as well as how to cut and isolate objects using the pen tool, lasso tools and more
Learn how to use artboards to manage and export files
Learn about how to prepare files for print including, bleed, crop marks, exporting options
Master book cover design including knowing what makes a strong book cover.
Know how to work with supplied templates to create a lanyard and more
Know how to work with editorial projects and large blocks of text in InDesign by creating a magazine cover and article spread
Understand how to use grids to create compelling layouts
Know how to work with typography of all types, shapes and sizes

I will be using the Adobe Creative cloud 2019 software throughout this class, but you can use older versions of the software if needed (although some tools may not be available to you) most projects can still be accomplished
Very Basic working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Master Graphic Design and Adobe Design Software By Doing Popular Design Projects Do you like to learn by doing practical real-world projects? This project-based course is extensive, starting at beginner level projects and moving all the way to advanced level design projects. With over 10+ hours of video-based project learning this course was created to appeal to graphic design students of any level and can help expose students to all the most popular graphic design projects while learning software and design principles.We talk about all aspects of design including theory, layout, color, exporting and preparing files for print, working with digital and print files and of course mastering the Adobe software including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.We will walk through step by step the creation of:(Beginner Level Projects) Badges and SealsLogo DesignPackage DesignMagazine Cover and SpreadYoutube ThumbnailAlbum Art Cover(Intermediate and Advanced Projects) An Entire Branding Package which includes:Logo DesignPosterLarge Welcome BannersLanyardsPostcard (front and back)Social Media GraphicsDigital AdsClient Presentations We will complete a Package Design for a food project, including the front, back, labels and print preparation. We cover Book cover design and we conquer three different types of book covers including a romance novel, a non-fiction book and an illustrative children’s book cover. We talk about what makes a solid book cover and follow basic layout principles, use grids, work with typography and learn how to create concepts that pop using examples as our guide.We will conquer digital projects as well including going over what makes compelling YouTube cover photos and we will create a dynamic one together.We even talk about creating digital art and as we create an eclectic modern album art cover. Then, we master editorial design as we create a dynamic cover for a home cooking magazine as well as a full article spread. We talk about how to work with larger blocks of text, font pairing and headlines and how to maximize both Photoshop and InDesign to maximize our impact.Last, but certainly not least we will have a 4+ hour advanced section for those looking for more detailed real-world projects. We will create from scratch the entire branding package for a conference including the Logo design, lanyards, posters, advertising, a digital marketing campaign, large format welcome banners and even a postcard.This extensive section is perfect for those looking to learn how to export and work with files of all types, how to export, prepare and save them for professional print or for the press.This section goes into an entire new level of detail that will satisfy those curious on how to take on real large-scale graphic design projects for clients.This course is prefect for those who prefer a project-based hands on learning approach and for those who love to see all types of different projects being created. This course is great for those wanting to learn and maximize Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and learn tons and tons of new tools along the way that can speed up your workflow.This course is great for beginners, advanced designers and everyone in-between, there is something for everyone, so let’s master graphic design by creating some fantastic and professional level projects together!

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