Udemy Adobe After Effects Crash Course For Creatives

Udemy – Adobe After Effects Crash Course For Creatives

Create Stunning Social Media Video and Motion Graphics with ZERO Experience: Learn After Effects, Theory, Projects

What you’ll learn
Learn the Adobe After Effects software from scratch
You will have a solid understanding of Motion video theory
Learn how to create compelling social media ads
Understanding technical terms like resolution, frame rate and more
Create real world motion projects like a logo animation, a cinematic logo intro, a motion typography project, a video ad project and more!
Learn to work with motion typography
Learn After Effects Essentials like Keyframes, Compositions, Easy Ease, Null Objects, Masks, Wiggle, Camera, Effects and More!
Social Media Video Creation
Scroll Stopping Video Creation

Access to After Effects will be required to fully enjoy this course – We will be using the Adobe Creative Cloud version but older versions may still take this class with limitations to newer tools

“Video becomes more popular each day in the social media space. Businesses use videos to get more engagement and eyes on their services and products.”This course is designed to give you the path of least resistance to making scroll stopping, eye catching videos in after effects, FAST.Join both Ryan Collins (a social media video expert with hundreds of video ads under his belt) and I, Lindsay Marsh, who has the produced hundreds of hours of video content as we study what makes compelling motion video clips and graphics, learn the basics of Adobe After Effects and learn how to complete stunning motion video projects.I will walk you through motion theory including frame rates, sizes and resolutions, and provide helpful downloadable resources along the wayRyan Collins will provide you the precise tools and knowledge you need to skip all the headaches and get straight to making high quality videos, in his entertaining yet succinct and calculated manner. He will also walk you through several amazing projects such as Instagram Stories, Typography, video ad creation and tons more! And yes – you can learn After Effects and start creating compelling motion videos in no time.All you need is After Effects, and a will to succeed.

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