Udemy Understanding Substance Painter Volume 2 All Levels

A Focus Intensive Course in learning AND practicing Substance Painter with included 3D Model as shown!

What you’ll learn

– Review of the UI basics and map baking process of 2018 – 2019 Substance Painter
– Explore and experiment how to combine smart materials together through masks and how to edit their properties to obtain different resulting outcomes
– Utilizing paint layers for stenciling details in the with course supplied customized height maps for precision details
– Walkthrough of the basics in Iray and how to export a quality high rez render shots
– How to export maps out to different 3D softwares and game engines


Either a Free Demo or Copy of Substance Painter 2018-2019
A drive in curiosity for exploring different textures within workflow of instant results!


Welcome to the Second Volume of Substance Painter , In this course we will review basics of Substance Painter and expand on those concepts in new texturing techniques such as stenciling, and decaling through our library shelf.

For this as before you will be supplied and challenged to a new model to not only practice what is taught to show examples how to innovate on your own texturing techniques

As mentioned in earlier volumes this course is a continuation of a series of courses dedicated assisting those with an interested in learning, practicing, AND exploring new texturing techniques through this powerful texturing software.
Who this course is for:

Anyone looking for a focus intensive Substance Painter course for not only learning but practice, experiment and iterate with new texturing techniques on the supplied models
Anyone looking for an opportunity to showcase another strong portfolio piece demonstrating their texturing skillsets.
Anyone looking to break into the gaming or movie industry






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