Project City Gesture Drawing for Storyboarding by Andy Cung

This 6-week intensive class will focus on a more analytical approach to gesture drawing geared towards storyboarding. The objective of the class is to help improve your foundations in gesture drawing and prepare you for figure invention. This class will help strengthen your storyboard shorthands or bridge the gap from gesture drawing to drawing for storyboards. The class will cover the fundamentals of gesture drawing such as line of action, shape, silhouette, rhythm, form, and design theory. By the end of the class, you will develop an understanding that will allow you to create dynamic poses for gesture drawing and figure invention for your storyboards.

6-Week Class Itinerary:

Week 1: Line of Action & Shape

Week 2: Silhouette & Spatial Relationships

Week 3: Rhythm & Straights vs. Curves

Week 4: Basic Mannequin Form Breakdown (Cylinders, Boxes, Spheres)

Week 5: Application for Storyboards (Abstraction gestures and putting in on animated characters)





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