Udemy UNREAL ENGINE 4 5 Create own INVENTORY system for RPG game

Udemy – UNREAL ENGINE 4&5 – Create own INVENTORY system for RPG game

Learn how to create from scratch your the inventory system for your own game

What you’ll learn
Creating core elements of inventory
Creating universal items
Creating world actors as pickable item
Interface implement
Sound design for inventory

Basic level of knowledge about Unreal Engine
Installed Unreal Engine 5

In this course you will learn how to create versatile inventory system which is able to integrate to existing project as well as new empty project. Unreal Engine version is not important, this system works in any Unreal Engine version. After this course you can create inventory and add it to any character as component which makes this inventory flexible and easy to use.


1) Can I download the materials or the project somewhere?

Answer: no, the project is made completely from scratch, all elements are developed from scratch, and what is taken from the assets is available in the Unreal market. The project is not available for download in order to curb piracy and theft of copyright content.

2) Is it possible to ask about the topic of the course?

Answer: Of course you can. I will read and answer. If you need help with some additional points, for example, “how to add a sword to inventory”, then you can also contact me, I will help. The only thing is that I will not write the code for you, I will only tell you how to do it.

4) What will I learn in this course?

Answer: everything you need to create a fully working inventory.

5) What is the format of the classes?

Answer: Classes are held in the format of video lessons. Each next lesson builds on the previous lesson, so it is recommended to complete the tasks in order.

6) Is there support after the course?

Answer: You can always ask the project author your question related to the course and elements within the project. There are no time limits after completing the course.

Who this course is for
For every people in the world who wants to create the inventory in own game, or similar project
Knowledge development of Unreal Engine 5

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