Skillshare Digital Illustration Crazy Colors in Procreate

✨ Are you new to illustration or looking to step up your color game?

This is a course on making vibrant illustrations and experimenting with colors in your art.

In this class, you’ll be learning how to illustrate a stylized portrait. Students will learn the tools and fundamentals to experiment with colors in their illustrations.

You’ll learn how to pick vibrant colors that look great together, along with my personal tips and techniques that will make them jump off the page.
We’ll be taking a different approach to color and learning how to use them in some new and exciting ways!
Here I teach the basics of illustration, from sketching, to coloring, to painting, all the way to final details!

Who is the class for? For all levels! This class is aimed towards students with basic drawing skills. Students may range from beginners learning the basics, to art students freelancing on the side, to professional full-time artists looking to try something new.

Why is the class useful? This class is a playful approach to a topic that is often complex and intimidating. Students will learn to balance and experiment with colors in a practical way. You’ll be able to apply these principles to all facets of your work.

In this class you’ll be: learning a fundamental technique that you can apply to a broad spectrum of your work, create a portrait with an exciting twist, and create a new portfolio piece.

I’ll be walking you through my whole process and sharing some tips and tricks I wish I knew when I was starting out. I’ll be using Procreate for this class but you can follow along in any other drawing program!





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