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Photoshop Foundations: Sharpening

Sharpening in your workflow is a necessary task, especially if you shoot RAW! Your camera processes JPEGs without you really knowing it. It applies Noise Reduction, Contrast & Color Adjustments, and Sharpening. You may have noticed that JPEG images are much sharper right off the sensor, but that doesn’t mean JPEG is the answer.

Sharpening, while it is a tricky concept, is nothing more than an optical illusion. You aren’t sharpening any edges like you would a knife, you are just heightening the contrast between the light and dark areas of details. Really, when you think about it that way it takes a lot of the mystery out of sharpening. On the contrary, some tend to take that heightening to levels they should really be avoiding.

In this course, we will debunk the mystery of sharpening and expose the tricks of the trade to make your images sharp with overdoing it. The best part is that we will not be using ANY plugins. Just the power of Photoshop!






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