Skillshare Maya For beginners Model a Treasure Chest Step by step

Never used any 3d software before ?

this course is created for absolute beginners who are learning 3d first time ever.

Maya is a powerful 3d modeling Software which is also used in industry. not only modeling Maya is also used for different types of things such as rigging ,animation Etc. choosing Maya will be a great Choice.

Learn in Maya Basics –

learn modeling basics

learn navigation in Maya

learn modeling options

Learn basic to advance options while working on Treasure chest

Work flow of this course

First we will learn how to use navigation in Maya using the different mouse buttons then we will slowly move on to creating basic objects in Maya like box and cylinder then we will Start modifying everything and start using basic modeling techniques. in this whole workflow we will create a basic object using totally different path to cover all the different types of options which will help you learning more and more about Maya

this is a small course with a lot to learn from

important – you will only need Maya any version above 2016 or 17 with the curiosity to learn more .

Zero modeling or any no 3d knowledge required.





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  1. After reading your article, it reminded me of some things about gate io that I studied before. The content is similar to yours, but your thinking is very special, which gave me a different idea. Thank you. But I still have some questions I want to ask you, I will always pay attention. Thanks. 2023-05-07 0 回复
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