Udemy Unreal Engine 5 Learn How To Create A Top Down Shooter Game

Learn How To Use Unreal Engine 5 By Making a Top Down Zombie Shooter Game From Complete Scratch

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to make a full game from start to finish with : Menu Systems, AI, and more
Learn how to make games without writing code!
Develop your understanding of Unreal Engine in this course we will use a variety of different tools in the engine to help build this game
Learn how to create enemy A.I. which can chase and attack the player
Learn how to create a pistol weapon which has limited ammo and can fire bullets


A PC Capable of Running Unreal Engine


I’ve put everything you need to learn about how to make a game inside of Unreal Engine 5 in one place!

Learn the fundamentals of Unreal Engine

This course will cover all the essential nodes that you need to build a game and all the different ways that we can make blueprints communicate with each other. By the end of this course you will have the knowledge on how to build a game.

Learn how to create enemy characters

In this course we will go over how to create a zombie A.I who will randomly patrol the map and when they find the player character they will follow chase and attack him. We will also go over how to make a pistol weapon so we can shoot and kill the zombies.

Develop Your Understanding of Unreal Engine

In this course we use a variety of tools inside of Unreal Engine to help build this game project, variables, blueprints, animations and more by taking this course you will get a better understanding of how you can use different tools to help you build your game.

What’s Inside

Course Content :

1. Introduction


3.Different Types Of Blueprints

4.Fundamental Nodes

5.Blueprint Communication

6.Widget Blueprints

7.Making A Top Down Wave Based Zombie Game

Your also going to get FREE Extra content :

Extra 1 : Top Down Shooter project you will get the complete files to the project that I make in this course.

Extra 2 : Crossey Road Project. You will get access to the endless Crossey Road project that I made. You can analyse the code of this project or just play it.
Who this course is for:

Beginners who want to learn how to make games without code
Anyone interested in learning the power of Visual Scripting






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