Udemy Blender 3D Create a Jack o lantern Scene

Beginner friendly Blender course – Learn how to 3d model, basic rigging, texturing, lighting and rendering

What you’ll learn

How to model a Jack-o’-lantern (Pumpkin) using Blender
Carving the eyes and mouth using different 3D modeling tools
Use basic rigging tools to create the stem of the pumpkin
Create materials and textures for the pumpkin and stem using Blender’s material nodes
Lighting the scene using different kinds of lights
Create a camera and render your scene using the Cycles render engine
Learn how to model organic shapes using proportional editing and a lattice


Know the basic navigation tools within Blender


Welcome to this Blender 3D Course: Create a Jack-o’-lantern Scene
Blender version used: Blender 3.3

This Blender course is extremely beginner friendly and easy to follow. You will learn how to create everything in this scene. You don’t need any Blender or 3D experience but a basic understanding of the Blender navigation shortcuts will help.

What you will learn in under one hour:

Lesson 1: How to model a Jack-o’-lantern (Pumpkin)

Lesson 2: Carving the eyes and mouth

Lesson 3: Use basic rigging to create the stem

Lesson 4: Create materials for the pumpkin and stem using nodes

Lesson 5: Lighting the scene

Lesson 6: Create a camera and render using the Cycles Renderer

I’ve designed this course with beginners in mind. Follow along and learn how to create your own 3D characters and scenes. Learn how to model organic objects, use bones (armature) to rig certain objects, apply materials and textures using the Blender material nodes, and learn how to add lights to bring your scene to life. Finally you will learn how to render your final scene using the Cycles render engine.

All of this in under one hour!

Are you ready to become a 3D artist?

I hope to see you in the first lesson!
Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in learning Blender
Anyone interested in 3D Modeling
Anyone interested in 3D Character Design
Anyone interested in 3D Animation
Anyone interested in Rigging
Anyone interested in Lighting






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