Skillshare Drawing Techniques and Materials

This class is going to essentially be about exploring some new materials for drawing that you’ve may or may have not tried before. I wanted to do a class that would be a little fun and experimental as its something I’ve been trying to do and explore in my own personal work lately. I’ll show you and explain a few of the materials that I like to use and show you how they can be applied.

ands-on Class Project

For this class, I want to leave the project a little more open-ended. The core of the class is really about exploring some new materials to see how they can potentially affect how you approach your drawings and perhaps get you to think differently. In the demonstrations I’ll be doing a quick portrait vignette so you can see how some of the materials are applied and how you could potentially use them.

These techniques and materials can essentially be used for anything really. So wether you prefer portraits, still-lives,etc. all the materials can be used to produce a wide variety of effects that can be useful for drawing.





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