Skillshare Watch Me Shoot How to Capture Bright and Airy Pancakes

Capture sparkling syrup and a stack of golden pancakes using natural window light in a bright and airy style in this 1 hour course. I’ll take you through each step of my photoshoot process from start to finish.
I will cover:

The planning stage and setting yourself up for success
When and how to utilize the natural light in your space for success with any kind of sunlight
Props and backdrops
How to make a faux marble tabletop
My photoshoot process
Composition and styling
Light and airy editing in Lightroom

This course is designed for beginner to intermediate level photographers. You can apply these skills for a cleaner, sharper looking Instagram feed, recipe blog, Etsy page, or as an excuse to eat a giant stack of pancakes for lunch (I don’t judge!)





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