Udemy Nuke Full Comprehensive Course For Absolute Beginners Part 1

Start Learning Nuke Software To Be A Compositing Artist With This Simplest Way Explained Video Tutorial.

What you’ll learn

1. Nuke Interface of Workspace
2. Nuke Importing Read Nodes
3. Nuke Project Settings
5. Saving Nuke File
6. Nuke Viewer Zoom and Navigation
9. Nuke Transform Node
10. Nuke Node Common Option
11. Nuke Viewer Channels
12. Nuke Viewer Auxiliary Channel
13. Nuke Viewer Wipe Tool
14. Nuke Veiwer Pause Update Botton
15. Nuke Viewer Auxiliary Channel
16. Nuke Viewer Wipe Tool
17. Nuke Veiwer Pause Update Botton
18. Nuke Veiwer Region Of Interest
19. Nuke Viewer Info Bar
20. Nuke Viewer Clip Warning
21. Nuke Viewer Aspect Ratio
22. Nuke Viewer Input Process
23. Nuke Veiwer Save Zone
24. Nuke Viewer Time Code
25. Nuke Viewer Frame Slider Range
26. Nuke Veiwer Playback Option
27. Nuke Viewer Bounding Box
28. Nuke Viewer Miscellaneous Option
29. Nuke Write Node Rendering a Singal Image
30. Nuke Write Node Rendering Image Sequence
31. Nuke Write Node Render Order
32. Nuke Opacity vs Transparency
33. Nuke What is Alpha
34. Nuke Premult Calculation
35. Nuke Why Premult is Needed
36. Nuke Premult with Maya (Vray)
37. Nuke Premult in After Effects
38. Nuke Shuffle Node
39. Nuke Nuke Shuffle Node Manual RGB Channel Creation
40. Nuke Shuffle Copy Node
41. Importance of Bounding Box in Nuke
42. Nuke Bounding Box With Curve Tool
43. Nuke Reformat Node
44. Nuke Visual Math


Nuke Version 11.1v3 Or Above But Bellow Version 12
At least 8 GB RAM.
Basic Photoshop Knowledge is Required for This Nuke Course






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