Udemy Basics of Assistant Directing in Film

Getting to know the Film Assistant Director

What you’ll learn

Learn and understand the duties of an Assistant Director
Learn to speak the language of an Assistant Director
Learn how to breakdown scripts
Learn how to create schedules


No filmmaking experience required


This filmmaking course introduces you to the Assistant Director role in Film Production. It helps you understand and learn about the Assistant Director in film. You’ll be learning about the various sub-roles of the Assistant Director and their duties. It teaches and explains the skills an Assistant Director should possess in order to run a film set effectively. It teaches you the duties of an Assistant Director and how to become one. It shows you how to do a page count for a script. It teaches you how to break-down a script and the various elements involved in a script breakdown. It teaches you how to create a shooting schedule and the information a shooting schedule should give. It teaches you how to do a script breakdown without a software. It also tells you some softwares to use for script breakdowns and scheduling. It shows you what breakdown sheet looks like. In this course you’ll also be learning the language of an A.D, when and how to use them. You’ll be learning about the duties of an A.D during pre-production and production. A newbie filmmaker will be able to begin a journey as an Assistant Director. A filmmaker trying to refresh their memory will be able to do so. A filmmaker trying to become an A.D will learn the basics of how to become one.
Who this course is for:

Beginner filmmakers who want to learn about the Assistant Director role






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