Domestika Digital Design and Illustration of Tattoos with Procreate A course by Tania Maia

Learn to create blackwork designs ready to be transferred to the skin

In almost no time at all, Procreate has become the essential tool for digital illustration on the iPad due to its intuitive interface and the variety of resources and artistic styles for which it can be used.
One of the disciplines that has been revolutionized by the emergence of Procreate, is tattoo design. Tania Maia, a Brazilian tattoo artist based in Peru and three-time participant in the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo, incorporates Procreate into her creative process, which has hugely simplified her work and allows her to obtain more precision and flexibility in her designs.
In this Domestika course, she teaches you her process for creating digital illustrations ready to be transferred to the skin or framed as illustrations





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