Skillshare Halloween Cat 3D A Nomad Sculpt Tutorial

Welcome to Halloween Cat 3D! We’ll be using Nomad Sculpt to create our character step by step from a sphere. I’ll walk you through and explain everything i’m doing so you can easily follow along! This is a beginner class, but if you’ve never used Nomad Sculpt before, be sure to first take my Nomad Sculpt for Beginners class here on Skillshare. If you created your own cat from my 2D Halloween Cat class, you’re already ahead of the curve! We’ll create the pumpkins / jack’o lanterns and background in another class, this class will just focus on our hero cat. Feel free to make non-halloween cat, or other holiday cat if you wish!

Note: As Nomad Sculpt has just updated to a new version, some things may not be exactly the same as they appear on my screen. If you have issues with anything, feel free to reach out to me and we can find the solution together. Thanks for your understanding!





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