Rizom Lab RizomUV Real Virtual Spaces 2022 1 57 Win x64

Today, following the path towards an ideal tool set capable of segmenting, flattening and packing UVs without any manual intervention, Rizom-Lab focuses on enhancing our technology, and making it available to 3D artists and product designers within our new standalones applications RizomUV Virtual Spaces and RizomUV Real Space, and in a form that can be integrated into others 3D editing softwares or pipelines within our RizomUV C++ Library.
Games / VFX / Animation / VR
Since 2004, Unfold3D legacy has taken its place in major VFX studios, AAA games companies and animation studios all over the world thanks to its famous unfold feature and its intuitive UI. RizomUV Virtual Spaces takes back all this background and comes with major improvements.

Release 2022 Sept. 29: version 2022.1.57

– new: File Model Group Selector revamped
– new: Magic wand selection can now cross over seams
– new: Tiles can be selected using the K key + left mouse button
– new: Contextual help panel now displays bindings relevant to current primitive mode
– new: Modo and Blender mouse presets have been updated
– new: Python script method App.Exit(returnCode) now closes the application with the returnCode as return code integer
– new: RizomUV now exits with error code 1 if launched with option /nle and license is unavailable
– fix: Some files saved by previous version of RizomUV won’t load

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