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Lisset Perrier of Lisset Perrier Education is a Peruvian Award Winning Photographer and one of 21 Most Influential Child Portrait Photographers 2021 Expert Photography . Lisset lives in Columbus Ohio she is specializing in child portraiture. She found her vocation in art at an early age Her Inspiration…. her childhood, She enjoy making new projects specially for children. She is not looking for the best-selling images, but for the best themes. The more she work, the more she get inspired . … in her words …”The art of telling a story and the way I am able to freeze a moment in time. She wants people to feel a connection whenever they look at her art. Lisset has taught and influenced works of several photographers across the world with her friendly advice, workshops and online training courses. She has now started to travel internationally for teaching and is scheduled to run workshops.





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