Blender Market Moss Biome Ground Scatter 3d Assetkit Pbr

This asset kit contains 79 different variants of nature assets fitting into a mossy biome. All assets are as photorealistic as possible while still preserving managable polygon count. You are free to use them in your 3D scenes, VFX and Games, change them to your liking or kitbash and scatter them into every scene that comes to your mind.

The assets work in every 3D studio or game engine. If you work with the native Blender scene you will also find two Geometry nodes setups that you can utilize for quick scattering on meshes.

There is only a single material and PBR texture set per asset type. One for the dead wood, one for the stones, one for all of the moss, one per additional plant species and ground coverage. This makes it easy for you to change and manage things if necessary.

Everything is ready to render with Blender Cycles and EEVEE. Of course you can use it with any renderer you prefer. The hill scatter example from the previs render is included in the Blender scene and makes use of the two geometry node setups. Note: This example will not be included in the exchange format variants (FBX, OBJ, etc.)

As you can see in the wireframe renders the assets are fairly low poly for the level of detail. For import in Game Engines I have included seperate files with the meshes triangulated and located in the origin. (“*_TriangulatedAtOrigin”)

All textures are PBR based, you will find 8k and 4k textures with the assets. You will also find three HDR environments used in the previs renderings.
All textures are in PBR Metal/Roughness workflow and additional textures are included for Specular/Glossiness workflow.

The stones come with three texture sets (Granite, Granite_Lichen, Quartz_Lichen) that mix well.

Please have a look at the renderings and see if assets and wireframe suit your needs.

Scatter 5 Biomes available
The Kit has preset Biomes for the addon Scatter 5. The included .scatpack file you can install as a Scatter Package and use it like any other ScatPack.—3d-assetkit-pbr





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