Udemy ZBrush Online Course Sculpting and Modelling The Fly

Learn to Sculpt and model professionally with this ZBrush Online Course Sculpting “The Fly”

What you’ll learn

Learn ZBrush and become a confident sculptor
Know a ton of different techniques
Be able to Sculpt high quality models


A copy of Zbrush R6 or above


Learn to Sculpt and model professionally with this ZBrush Online Course Sculpting “The Fly”

I cannot wait to introduce this course to you I had loads of fun creating this for you ZBrush fans its packed full of features, before we get into that I just wanted to tell you why I chose this subject “The Fly”

Why a FLY? well its not because it was swallowed by a spider!
This is a great subject as it has elements of hardsurface as well as organic forms within it, it also have very fine almost microscopic detail (anyone familar with my courses will realise I love micro level details and forms), this lends itself well to a training course

Who the course for?
This course is for anyone who has already used Zbrush although I cover everything you must know how to move around in ZBrush, if you buy this course and get stuck message me.

Some of what we will learn!
Right the important stuff what you will learn during this course

Working with and applying textures and UV unwrapping!
Working with Dynamesh, subdivision levels and more…
Learning about remeshing including ZRemesher and projections
How to work and apply masking, poly groups and masking options as well as deformation
Sculpting and modelling techniques
Translation, rotation and Scale via transpose plus using the sub tool master
Using ZSpheres as a way to quickly build base meshes
And loads of tips and tricks along the way… Oh almost forgot we also cover fibremesh briefly

Sure your agree a very packed course so be prepared to learn a lot of stuff!!

Can’t wait for your feedback on this course please contact me if your stuck or if I need to cover something more closely student feedback is very important to me, and if you don’t give me 5 stars I want to know why! no really I do 🙂

enjoy this ZBrush Online Course Sculpting “The Fly”!

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Who this course is for:

This course is suitable for all levels






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