Udemy ZBrush Course Learn Re topology and have control in ZBrush

ZBrush Creating clean topology is an essential skill to learn, this course is aimed at just that learn re-topology

What you’ll learn

Have a full understanding of different processes of creating clean geometry for animation
Understand the principals of UV layout and exporting maps


A copy of ZBrush R4 or Later
Photoshop or any image editing program is required to composite the maps


This short course is focused on creating clean good topology inside ZBrush these methods can also be used in other software packages such as Maya and 3DMax, I will be showing you various methods some quick and some slow for creating and having complete control over the topology of your models surface.

We will be using a sample model I have already created for this course it is in dynamesh mode so has bad topology for animating, we will explore different methods for creating clean flow to out sub tools.

As a I will also cover UV unwrapping and creating a single UV set from multiple sub tools we will then export these out and composite inside Photoshop.

During this course we will look at the following:

ZRemesher for auto retopolgising we will also look at creating zremesher guides to influence the re-mesh (there is a quite a bit of useful tips in this section)

We will hand retopologise the model from a reference

We will look at using ZRemesher in conjunction with hand editing the topology

UV layout and creation:

We will create groups

I will show you how to Unwrap the UV’s of the model

I will show you how to protect and attract UV seams

We will Produce one UV map over multiple sub tools

I will show you how to export these maps and the mesh out of ZBrush

I really hope you find this course helpful if you need any help please message me. I am here to help and encourage students to reach out to me rather than get frustrated 🙂

All the best
Mojomojo Team
Who this course is for:

Anyone struggling with retopology inside ZBrush
Anyone wanting to know about UV maps in side ZBrush






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