Skillshare How to use DALL E 2 to edit and create images

DALL-E 2 is one of the most powerful AI Art Generation programs on the market. It is comparable to that of Midjourney and Disco Diffusion, however the DALL-E 2 has tools to not only create generative art, but to edit existing images. The ability to edit existing images is what sets DALL-E 2 apart from the crowd.

This course will be split up into two sections, firstly the course aims to simplify the process of utilising text prompts along with additional parameters to create stunning pieces of art. Secondly this course will demonstrate the numerous ways in which DALL-E 2 can be used as an image editor, by removing or adding things to existing images (known as inpainting). We will also discover how to extend images beyond their original borders (known as outpainting).

DALL-E 2 has now removed their Waitlist and the software is free of charge, There is however a 15 credit limit per month. Within this course I have purchased extra credits as I use DALL-E 2 a lot in my professional work. However there is no requirement for you to make any purchases!

The only pre-requisite to this course is that you need an email account and access to the internet. I do also use photoshop in one of the lessons, but again this is not a requirement for the course.





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