proDAD DeFishr 1 0 75 4 Win x64

proDAD DeFishr Win x64

proDAD DeFishr Win x64

proDAD DEFISHR is the world’s first fully automatic fisheye distortion correction solution for video and photo – compatible with all cameras. If you use cameras like GoPro, Contour, CamOne, or other modells fitted with super-wide angle lens then you know how those wideagnle effects distort your picture, bend the horizon and cause other mostly unwanted warp-effects.

Sometimes a look like this might be desired, but mostly those effects just disturbs the picture. DEFISHR fixes this with ease, the result is very high quality de-warped video and natural looking images. DeFishr is an ideal companion product for proDAD’s other specialized tools like ReSpeedr for slomo and timelapse sequences and Mercalli to further enhance, dewarp, stabilize and optimize videos.

– Automatic fisheye removal
– Works with any lens/camera combination
– Flatten warped video/images
– Fix video AND still images
– Create custom camera profiles
– Fix off-center video
– Flip upside-down video and zoom
– Manual adjustment options
– Stand-alone Windows app

DEFISHR includes an exclusive camera calibration tool, which can be used to create a de-fishing camera profile for a camera not already included in the presets. Simply shoot about a few seconds of video of the special calibration grid shown in your monitor with the desired camera (camera/lens-combination) and then import this video into the calibration tool and it’s analyzed to create a new camera profile.Whenever you use the camera again just apply this profile and your videos will be fine without any manual adjustments!

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