Udemy Master video editing with Camtasia

Learn how to use all the features of your favourite video editing software.

What you’ll learn

Every feature of Camtasia
Video editing from beginner to expert
Master animations and behavours
Learn have to make profesional looking videos


The software Camtasia is required for this course.


The Ultimate Camtasia Course: Learn video editing with Camtasia from beginner to expert.

In less than 3 hours, you will learn everything about Camtasia from Techsmith.

This course has been designed to bring you up to speed on all the features of this video editing software. Create stunning promo videos, YouTube videos, adverts, explainer videos and more with the knowledge you will learn from this course.

You will start learning the basics of video editing and then quickly move on to learning how to incorporate all the features of Camtasia in your work. From capturing screen recordings, filming with a green screen, and adding background music to advanced animations and behaviours to make your videos stand out from the crowd.

As I’m sure you are busy I keep the information coming quick but easy to follow. Like all TechSkillsTutor courses, no padding or fluff was added to make this video longer. just pure actionable information from start to finish.

The course ends once we have made and edited a complete video together from start to finish as we put together all the information that we learnt during the lessons.

I have been teaching professionally for over 5 years online with Camtasia being the main software I use. Over that time I have produced hundreds of Camtasia videos and how can show you everything I know in just a few hours.
Who this course is for:

Course builders
Explainer video makers
Camtasia owners
People wishing to have a full understanding on how to use the Camtasia software to edit videos.






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