Blender Market Human Generator 3 0 4 addon only

Blender Market – Human Generator 3.0.4 addon only

Blender Market – Human Generator 3.0.4 addon only

Just update for Human Generator V3

Current Notices/Limitations
– There are certain AMD Graphics Cards that are used in a small number of Mac computers that cause crashes in Blender when particle systems are used/imported. HG also uses particle systems, making it seem like HG is crashing Blender. If you experience this issue, please contact us so we can issue you a full refund (since the bug is in the GPU drivers, neither we nor the Blender devs can fix it).
– Human Generator uses particle hair. If you are planning to use the models outside of Blender and want to use our hairstyles, check if your program supports particle hairstyles.
– Due to the amount of variation in body proportions, sometimes clothing might clip through other clothing. This can be solved by a small manual adjustment.
– Human Generator is a Blender add-on and comes with full customer support for use in Blender, but currently not for other 3D software.

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