Blender Market Uvpackmaster v3 1 1 Win Mac Linux

Blender Market – Uvpackmaster v3.1.1 (Win/Mac/Linux)

Blender Market – Uvpackmaster v3.1.1 (Win/Mac/Linux)

GPU-accelerated, scriptable UV packing engine
UVPackmaster 3 is an efficient and fully-featured UV packing engine for Blender. It is the most efficient UV packer out there in terms of packing on CPU, but it also provides a Cuda accelerated variant of the algorithm (on Windows and Linux). When running on a GPU, it significantly outperforms all other packers available.

Not only a UV packing tool!
UVPackmaster is not only a state-of-the-art UV packing solution – it also introduces an advanced UV aligning/stacking algorithm and other auxiliary tools, greatly simplifying your UV workflow. All these functionalities run with engine-acceleration for maximum efficiency.

The scriptable architecture for maximum flexibility!
UVPackmaster is not a black box anymore. We embedded Python into the newest engine release, giving you a possibility to code your own operation logic, perfectly adjusted to your own most demanding workflows!


System requirements
UVPackmaster 3 is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac (Intel and Apple M1).

General requirements
Blender 2.8x, 2.9x, 3.x
A 64-bit OS is required on all platforms – 32-bit systems are not supported.

Windows (64-bit), version 10/11
Visual Studio Redistributable installed in the system

Linux 64-bit
glibc 2.17 or later
libstdc++ 3.4.21 or later.
The library requirements listed above should be satisfied for all distributions released after 2018.

MacOS (64-bit) 10.13 or later.

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