Skillshare Painting Portraits in Procreate Plus 3 Ways to Share with Instagram Reels

Have you ever wondered how to draw a realistic portrait painting on the iPad using Procreate, but don’t know where to begin? Bored of getting the same flat & muddy colors in your portraits?

Join artist and calligrapher, Ritika Sridhar, as she teaches you how to level up your Digital portrait painting skills using procreate and to enhance your portraits with different blending modes in procreate. In addition to that she also shares 3 ideas to share your artwork as Instagram reels

Techniques you will learn:

Choosing the right colours
Splitting up the painting process in steps
Working with shadows, highlights, tones like saturation, hues
Detailing the facial features
Painting the hair
Adding some special effects or the blending modes to make your portrait pop
Creating a Background with textures and pattern that compliments the Portrait
3 Reels ideas to share your portrait on Instagram.

Who is the class for? I would suggest this class will suit for intermediates

Its preferable if you have some basic knowledge of Procreate and portrait sketching too. If you are already an expert in portraits, you can level up your portrait skills by learning new techniques and tips from my experience.

Make your Digital portrait paintings POP with Ritika’s tips & techniques!





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