Udemy Futuristic HUD Motion Graphics in After Effects

Learn how to create motion graphics in After Effects like what you see in Iron Man, Star Wars or other action movies

What you’ll learn

Create Futuristic HUD Effects from scratch all within After Effects.
Use simple After Effects expressions to save hours of animating time.
Use simple shape layers to create something visually stunning.
Learn Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Animating
Learn how to use 2D elements in 3D environments
Take clunky animations and give them fluid motions


You will need a copy of Adobe After Effects
A basic understanding of After Effects is recommended but not required. I’ll be pointing things out step by step.


After Effects users often times get intimidated by the “Iron Man” style futuristic HUD animations, I’m here to tell you it’s nothing to be afraid of! This motion graphics effect is something anyone can do with very little After Effects experience!

So join me in this course to dissect an animation that looks super complicated and making it super simple!

In this class we will learn and experiment with:

Turning boring shape layers into something visually interesting

Virtual camera animations

After Effects expressions to save you hours of animating time.

This is an introductory course and I will be explaining everything step by step. However, you may need to have some After Effects knowledge to understand basic functionality and layout of the software.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

I’m Sam! I’m a professional motion graphics artist. I’ve worked for a Major League Baseball team for 2 years. Had my work viewed in stadiums full of 40,000+ people every night in the summer.

My job is unique and I am thankful for the teachers who have taught me After Effects motion graphics. And I want to pay it forward to you by teaching you the motion graphics techniques that I have learned of the years!

***Reviews of my other After Effects and Motion Graphics courses***

“Sam’s style is light, engaging and I never become bored with his style or content. I highly recommend this course for those looking to get started with Adobe After Effects.” (The After Effects Roadmap: For Beginners)

“He’s a great instructor. Very clear, great examples, walks in slowly and moves at a great pace.” (The After Effects Roadmap: For Beginners)

“Great Course!! Learned a lot and i feel motivated to follow some more after affects courses.” (How to Create a Realistic Draw-On Effect in After Effects)

The MISSION of this course:

You don’t have to be an After Effects genius to be able to make amazing motion graphics.

The bulk of this course focuses on creating and manipulating shape layers to create visually interesting motion graphics. Then we dive deeper by using these shape layer animations to create professional motion graphics projects.

I do my best to break down every step and explain why I’m doing what I’m doing. If you have any questions, hit me up in the Q&A section!

What we’ll be covering in this course:

Creating basic shape layers

Adjusting shape layers and stroke properties

Using 2D Animation in a 3D space

Stylizing footage with glows, tints and reflections and more to make beautiful motion graphics.

Using After Effects expressions to automate simple animations.

Ready to be a better motion graphics artist? Join us on this course to learn much more about motion graphics than just creating HUD graphics.
Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to learn to use After Effects shape layers to create Hollywood level effects.
If you have used After Effects but have never used “Shape Layers” to their full potential to make AWESOME graphic elements.
Motion graphics artists and graphic designers






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