ArtStation PANORAmake Complete Accessible AAA Grade Landscape Texturing for Unreal Engine 4 5 by Sylvain Lebeau

PANORA|make is a single-person project aiming to be the most accessible and complete landscape texturing solution for Unreal Engine.

Regardless of your workflow, PANORA|make can be a great addition to it. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, following a specific workflow or not, this plug-in spares a lot a time leaving only the creation itself as the main focus.

It uses a non-destructive mask-based workflow to automatically paint its materials as well as allowing you paint them manually. These masks are made by you, by using filters and noises that you can add, subtract, multiply by each other to create the result you want.

On the Freelancer & Studio licenses there are presets containing multiple Biomes, which are the combinaison of the Auto Material and its paintable Sub-Layers. You also have access to Correction Layers which allows to paint materials on top of all the biomes. So you can for example paint a desert and a forest area, each with their own sets of rules and masks !





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