Domestika 3D Character Modelling with Cinema 4D for Beginners

Learn basic modeling techniques to create playful characters filled with texture, light, and detail using the Redshift plug-in
In the world of 3D modeling, anything is possible. Without the constraints of real life, you can push your imagination to the limits and create rule-bending characters and environments. CG lead and art director Luke Doyle has been 3D modeling since he was a teenager, and throughout his career has created unique worlds and engaging characters for the likes of E4, Marie Curie, and Spotify.

In this course, he teaches you the fundamentals of 3D modeling using Cinema 4D and Redshift. Join Luke as he introduces you to Cinema 4D, teaches you basic modeling techniques, and shows you how to use them to create playful 3D characters based on real-life references. Bring your imagination to life by learning 3D modeling from scratch.





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